Living alone certainly has its advantages. One of these includes never needing to wait for the shower and getting full control of the television in your home. However, once you’re planning to move into a house all by yourself or you’re currently living solo, you may feel a bit nervous to live independently. Particularly if there are crime reports of almost 4 million property annually, based on the statement of the FBI. If you are living alone, you can be a major target for property burglary and invasion. If this is your case, you should stop being anxious about what can possibly happen, rather you need to actually do something about it.  

Make sure to put everything under your hands by safeguarding your property. You need to protect yourself by planning ahead for you to feel safer especially if you love along. Here are some tips you can do for starters: 

Keep offline 

Yes, it’s understandable that you would like others to know where you are right now to brag that you’re not bored or stuck somewhere. However, publishing your current location online or allowing the internet about where you are now can make you an extremely easy target to invade your home.  

Know your neighbors 

You should take the time to know more about your neighbors by introducing yourself. If you make an effort to get to know then, it will provide toy an additional line of defense to fight with possible home intruders. Once your neighbors are aware that you’re usually away every morning, they will definitely be suspicious of somebody who will try to access your home once you’re away. 

Make an exit strategy 

You are the only one who can plan for your emergency exits for possible emergencies. So, you need to guarantee that you’ll plan for an exit strategy that will help you get out of your place just in case there’s an intruder or emergency.  

Have a security system 

security system was previously recognized as hard to set-up, confusing, and expensive. Thankfully, the security system now has innovated into something more affordable and much simpler. Whether you utilize the power of smartphones to look over your property or you select to have a monitored system, you cannot leave your home entirely susceptible to dangers and unprotected. Having security systems can sense motion, alert the police when you’re in danger, and even record your home, which makes it a great thing to invest in. Never think that such security systems are too complex or pricey. You need to look for the right fit for your needs for you to feel secured. It is recommended to hire a security system installer near you for quality service.  

Have a smart key 

As much as possible, you have to change your new place’s locks immediately after moving in. If you cannot do that, guarantee to ask your landlady/landlord if there is another person who has the same key. You can also consider to set up secondary procedures such as deadbolts to incorporate additional security.