Photography is fun. It can be self-gratifying for both of you and your client, especially when you are doing Professional Family Photography Oregon services. It lets you witness close family ties and makes you remember the good times with your family. The photos that you produce in family photography will become an important thing in anyone’s house as they will be the very thing that will remind anyone of the happy moments of yesteryears.  

However, it can also be quite difficult. You may run out of ideas on how to make good shots, especially when you are just beginning to learn in this field.  

Below are the helpful tips that you can try in your family photography sessions 

  1. Be familiar and study your subjects

By studying, I mean taking some time to know each family member and their relationships with each other before taking pictures. This will give you some ideas that will spark creativity when you shoot.  

  1. Try different combinations

By “combinations”, I mean different sets, different environments, angels, and sizes. Start with the whole family group. This also breaks the ice between each family member and you. They will at ease when they are in a big company in the first shots. From there, you can easily remove and add family members from the frame.  

  1. Always have closer gaps between family members

Traditional family portraits often have that serious and detached, if not awkward and contrived, photographs. To get away with this tradition, try to make them squeeze a bit with their family members to produce a more natural pose for the portraits. It also increases the feeling of closeness in the images.  

  1. Do not skip the candid moments

Professional photographers are expected to produce flawless and perfect shots where everyone is informed and ready. This way, everyone is at their best posture and expression and nothing feels out of place. However, as a professional photographer, you need to be ready to capture unexpected and candid moments. These moments reveal the unique character and personality of each family member.  

  1. Allow your clients to contribute ideas 

Yes, you are the professional, but it is their story and life that you are capturing in a single shot. They can provide you innovative ideas and insights that could add up to your knowledge in photography. You can ask them if they have seen some photos they want to imitate. After all, you need to make your clients as comfortable as possible during the shoot. Encouraging them to participate in brainstorming does not just build rapport with them, but also build trust with your clients.  


There are a lot of strategies and tips for doing excellent family portraits. What we have just provided are some tips that may not be technical, but are important to consider when having a family shoot session. Before going on technical with your equipment and angles, make sure your clients’ comfort and ideas are the most priority of all.