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      Mastercraft Deluxe Tenor Banjo
Complete Tenor Banjo Package $259.00

Tenor Banjo Package Includes DVD, Book, Picks. Tuner, Strap, Banjo Bag and Professional Setup.

 Mastercraft Deluxe Tenor Banjo  Mastercraft Deluxe Tenor Banjo

 Mastercraft Deluxe Tenor Banjo  Mastercraft Deluxe Tenor Banjo

Mahogany Resonator
Hard Maple Neck
30 Bracket Aluminum Rim
Nickel Plated Arm Rest
Rosewood Fret Board
Maple Bridge Tipped With Rosewood
Pearloid Tuning Gears
Adjustable Truss Rod

We Have Setup Several Of These Tenor Banjos And I am
Impressed With The Tone It Has And
Excellent Resonation With Plenty Of Volume.
And Still At A Affordable Price.
Of Course We Do The Setup
 The Package Comes With Everything You Need To Get Started.

This Tenor Banjo Package Includes All Of The Items Listed Below

Mastercraft Tenor Banjo  (list $329.00)
Padded Banjo Bag (list $29.00)
Automatic Chromatic Tuner (list $21.95)
Fun With The Tenor Banjo Book & DVD  (List $17.95)
Banjo Strap (list $8.95)

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