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Mastercraft Elite Maple Banjo
With Hard Case $679.00

Mastercraft Elite Maple banjo

mastercraft elite maple banjo

Mastercraft Elite Flamed
Maple Banjo
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mastercraft elite maple banjo banjo mastercraft elite maple

banjo mastercraft elite maple  banjo mastercraft elite maple

Beautiful Flamed Maple Resonator
 3 Ply Maple Rim
Maple Neck
18 Hole Cast Brass Tone Ring
Planetary Tuners
1 Piece Nickel Plated Flange
Mother Of Pearl Inlayed Fret Board And Head Stock
Clamshell Tail Piece
Rosewood Fretboard
Engraved Armrest

Paul's Comments
The Mastercraft Elite Flamed Maple Banjo

This Banjo Features A Large Cast Brass Tone Ring.
And A 3ply Maple Rim
Which Give Large Amount Of Volume And Tone.

In My Opinion This Banjo Has as Good or Better
Tone Then Banjos Costing Hundreds More.
This Banjo Is Very Heavy Weighing 14 Pounds
It Also Has The One Piece Flange for More Volume.
Planetary Tuners
You Just Won't Find A Better Banjo At This Price.

The Elite Series Has Superb Tone, and Sustain.
Maple Neck For Great Playability.
Flamed Maple Resonator.
This Banjo Package Includes All Of The Items Listed Below


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Includes Hard Case
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the cannon banjo bridge
Upgrade Your Bridge
The Cannon Bridge And
Mastercraft Bluegrass Strings
Increases The Volume
 And Tone Of Any Banjo

Installed On Your Banjo Before It Ships
Canonize Your Banjo!!!    A $28.00 Value

Only $17.95

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