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banjo sale july 2014

Mastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple Natural
With Rolled Brass Tone Ring and Planetary Tuners $299.00  Free Shipping
Banjo Package Includes DVD, Book, Picks. Tuner, Strap,Banjo Bag and Professional Setup.
Mastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple NaturalMastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple NaturalMastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple Natural
Mastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple NaturalMastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple NaturalMastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple NaturalMastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple Natural

Maple Resonator
 Maple Neck & Rim
Geared 5th Peg
Rolled Brass Tone Ring
Adjustable Truss Rod
24 Brackets With L Shaped Lugs For Better Head Tension
Nickel Plated Armrest
Planetary Tuners
Lifetime Warranty

This Banjo Is Professionally Setup And Tuned Before It Is Shipped

Paul's Comments
 The Mastercraft Bluegrass Maple Banjo

It Has A Brass Hoop Ring Under The Head To
Produce More Vibration With Better Tone And Volume.

The Planetary Tuners Installed On This Model
Are Real Banjo Tuners Only Found On More Expensive Banjos
 And Will Help Keep Your Banjo In Perfect Tune.
This Banjo Is Packed With A Lot Of Features
At A Incredible Price.
The Maple Version Of This Banjo Has A Little Brighter Tone
Which Some Players Prefer
Over The
Bluegrass Mahogany Version

You Will Be Able To Play All Of Your Favorite Bluegrass
Songs With This Mastercraft Bluegrass Banjo
This Model Comes In All Mahogany Or All Maple.

Great Upgraded Banjo Package
The Bluegrass Series Maple Banjo Has Great Tone, and Sustain.
Very Fast Neck For Great Playability.
Beautiful Maple Resonator In Natural Color

This Banjo Package Includes All Of The Items listed Below

Mastercraft Bluegrass Series Maple Banjo (List $399.00)
Mastercraft Banjo Bag (List $29.00)
 Chromatic Tuner (List $24.95)
Banjo Strap List $8.95
First Timers On The 5 String Banjo Book & DVD (List $19.95)
Finger and Thumb Picks
Free Shipping


FREE Ground Shipping


Your Special Price $299.00  

Upgrade To Include
Hard Case $368.00
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Upgrade To This
 Clip On Tuner.
A Great Chromatic Tuner
With The Clip On Feature

Makes Tuning Your
New Banjo A Breeze.
 List $25.00
Your Upgraded price $9.99

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the cannon banjo bridge
The Cannon Bridge And
Mastercraft Bluegrass Strings.
Increases The Volume
 And Tone Of Any Banjo
Installed On Your Banjo For Free. Canonize Your Banjo!!!    A $28.00 Value
(Not available on Zither Banjo.)
Only $17.95

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Banjo Stand
Great Stand
 To Let Your Banjo Rest
While You Take A Break

Very Convenient And Inexpensive
Only $12.99

sold out

Mastercraft Premium
Bluegrass Banjo Strings

Great Bluegrass Sound
With These Premium Strings
.009-020 Gauge
(For 5-String Banjos Only
Only $6.99 Per Set

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3 Pack Special Only $16.99
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Morgan Monroe
Lock Tite
 Leather Banjo
Fully Adjustable.
A Great Choice
 For Your
Only $33.95

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Add To Cart

The best-selling banjo method in the world

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Book With CD

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Highway 33 CD Sawyer Blankenship
Highway 33 is a local bluegrass band from Knoxville, TN, which features The Banjo Hut's own Sawyer Blankenship on mandolin and vocals. You will see Sawyer throughout this site in the videos demonstrating the different banjos we offer. Buy Highway 33's CD "Hammer Down" today for only $10
Buy Now!

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 Brass Tone Ring
Classic Series
Brass Tone Ring
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SB 80 $239.00 Mahogany RK-20 $499.00
Electric RK 20 $599.00
Boston B6 Banjitar $1795.00 MB-70 Black $259.00  
SB 100 $259.00 RK Madison RK 25 $699.00 Eagle 2 $2119.00 MB-15 $269.00 Open Back  
SB 100 LEFT $259.00 RK 6 String $649.00 Sierra Mahogany $2199.00 Hobo $299.00 SB 70 $229.00
SB 110 $329.00 Maple RK 35 $899.00 Sierra Maple $2199.00 BB 100 $319.00 MB-15OP $229.00
Tenor Banjos Mahogany RK 36 $999.00   MB-20-OP $329.00
OB 50 $479.00
MB-70 Black $259.00
Deluxe Tenor $259.00 Mahogany RK-80 $1399.00   Black Banjo $329.00 Hobo $299.00
  Left Hand RK 80 $1399.00 Vega  MB 150 $459.00 MB-20-OP $329.00
   RK 75 ELITE $1499.00 Little Wonder $1279.00 MNB 1 $549.00 Scoop Neck $509.00
  RK Open Back Banjos  Little Wonder Resonator $1649.00 MNB 1 Left $619.00 Scoop Neck Banjo $479.00
  RK Dirty Thirty's Open Back $259.00 Vega Senator $1649.00 MNB-1E Electric $649.00 RK Madison RK 025 $549.00
  RK Madison RK 025 $549.00   Wide Neck Banjo $549.00 RK Scoop Neck $549.00
  RK Scoop Neck $549.00    MNB 5 $699.00  
      Cascade $945.00  
      MB-NK100 $959.00  
      MGB 1 Cler $999.00  
      Appalachia $1499.00  

     Reviews For The Mastercraft Bluegrass Maple Banjo 

What a treat to do business with you!
My new banjo arrived right on schedule, today, April 5th.  It was in perfect condition (you know how to pack things!) and is very handsome, too.  The instruction manual (with CD) looks great.
Now I must start learning and practicing, first for me -- and then to keep my grown children from keeping good on their threats, that is to say, running out of the room.  You see that I have a double challenge.
Thank you very much!  Your web-site drew me in at first, your service confirmed my choice of instrument vendors, and I hope I'll have cause to do business with you again.
                                          Sincerely, Laurence


Mastercraft all maple blue grass series

march 2008

the banjo arrived on time and in great shape, packaged well the banjo is wonderful, and has received compliments from friends and family on its appearance I love it,
 sounds great, plays great and was set up well web site is fine, good info on the all the different models etc.

customer service was great

10 great value, best banjo I've seen or played in the price range


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