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Our Best Selling Banjo Packages,
Include Everything You Need To Learn And Play The Banjo.
Most Banjo Packages Will Include:
Padded Banjo Bag Or Hard Case
Chromatic Tuner
Banjo Strap
Finger Picks
Thumb Pick
Professional Setup and Tuning
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Great Care Is Taken To Insure Your Banjo Is Set Up Properly

We Set The Neck Of The Banjo So Strings Are Close To The Frets For Ease Of Play.

The Banjo Head Is Tightened To
A Specific Tension For The
Best Vibration And Tone.

 The Bridge Is Set At The Correct Location for Proper Intonation.

Each Banjo Is Tuned 3 times Before It Is Carefully Packed And Shipped To Our Customers. 
Mastercraft Classic Mahogany $449.00
Watch Video Clip
Planetary Tuners, Brass Tone Ring
mastercraft classic banjo mahogany

Recording King
Open Back Banjo
On Sale $259.00

Recoding king Dirty Thirtys banjo

Mastercraft Tenor
4 String Banjo

 Mastercraft Deluxe Tenor Banjo

 Mastercraft Tenor $259.00


Childs Banjo
Or Great Practice Banjo
Childs banjo kids banjo practice banjo
On sale $89.00


Used Banjos



Banjo Sale

Mastercraft Player Deluxe Banjo Package
Package List Over $400.00
Save 35%
On Sale $249.00

Limited Supplies

Mastercraft Bluegrass
List $399.00
On Sale $299.00
Bluegrass Mahogany $299.00
Bluegrass Maple $299.00
bluegrass banjobluegrass 5 string banjo
Bluegrass Mahogany $299.00
Bluegrass Maple $299.00
Mastercraft Bluegrass Series All Maple Natural
Mastercraft Banjos
Classic Mahogany $449.00
Includes Everything You Need
To Learn And Play The Banjo.
Free Shipping

Recording King
 Banjo Package
Great Banjo Only $499.00
RK 20 Banjo Package $499.00
RK 20 Electric Banjo $599.00 
Recording King Mahogany RK-20 Recording King Mahogany RK-20

See Our Special Sale Items
Limited Supply
Bluegrass Banjo Starter Packs
Includes Everything You Need
To Learn And Start Playing The Banjo!
New Items
Mastercraft Electric Banjos
Premium Pickup +
Volume Control
Classic On Sale $549.00

Electric banjo

Deluxe Electric $349.00
Electric RK 20 $549.00
Classic Electric $549.00
Walnut Electric $629.00
Wide Neck Banjo
Morgan Monroe
MWN-B1 Banjo
1-3/8 Inch Nut Width
Big Hands Large Fingers
Here is your banjo
Morgan Monroe Wide Neck $549.00
wide neck banjo

The Recording King
RK-20 $499.00
RK-025 $549.00
Scoop Neck $549.00
RK-25 $699.00
RK-35 $899.00
RK-36 $999.00
Banjos Will Be Setup And Tuned

Burled Maple
Premium Banjo Package
Burled Maple $529.00
Mastercraft Classic Burled WalnutMastercraft Classic Burled Walnut





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Mastercraft Banjos
Player Series
Starter Banjos
Bluegrass Series
 Brass Tone Ring
Classic Series
Brass Tone Ring
American Classic
Player Deluxe  $249.00 Mahogany $299.00 Mahogany $449.00 Tenor Banjos Classic Pro Open Back $619.00
Left Hand Deluxe $279.00 Maple Natural $299.00  Burled Walnut $529.00 Deluxe Tenor $259.00 Classic Pro Resonator Banjo $749.00
Deluxe Tenor $259.00   Special Mahogany $329.00 Burled Maple $529.00   Electric Banjos
  Special Maple $329.00     Classic Electric $549.00
Childs Banjo       Deluxe Electric $349.00
Zither $89.00       Walnut Electric $629.00
Deering Banjos
Goodtime Tenors Goodtime Classic Classic Special Goodtime
Goodtime Banjo
Goodtime 17 Fret Tenor $419.00 Goodtime Classic $539.00 Classic Special 2
 Special OB $659.00
Goodtime 2 Banjo
Goodtime 19 Fret Tenor $419.00 Goodtime 2 Classic $749.00 Classic Special OB $759.00 Special 2 $779.00
Goodtime Left Hand $419.00   Scoop Neck $539.00    
Savannah Banjos Recording King Deering Morgan Monroe  
SB 70 $229.00  RK-20 $499.00
Electric RK 20 $599.00
Boston 5 String $1595.00 Hobo $299.00  
SB 80 $239.00 RK Madison RK 25 $699.00 Boston B6 String $1795.00 MB-15OP $229.00  
 SB 100 $259.00 RK Dirty Thirty $399.00 Eagle 2 $2119.00 MB-70 Black $259.00 Open Back
SB 100 LEFT $259.00 RK 6 String $649.00 Sierra Mahogany $2199.00 MB-15 $269.00 Hobo $299.00
SB 110 $329.00 Maple RK 35 $899.00 Sierra Maple $2199.00 BB 100 $319.00 MB-15OP $229.00
Tenor Banjos Mahogany RK 36 $999.00   MB-20-OP $329.00
OB 50 $479.00
SB 70 $229.00
Deluxe Tenor $259.00 RK Scoop Neck $549.00   Black Banjo $329.00 MB-70 Black $259.00
  Mahogany RK-80 $1399.00 Vega  MB 150 $459.00 MB-20-OP $329.00
  Left Hand RK 80 $1399.00 Little Wonder $1279.00 MNB 1 $549.00 Scoop Neck $509.00
  RK 75 ELITE $1499.00  Little Wonder Resonator $1649.00   RK Madison RK 025 $549.00
  Open Back RK's Vega Senator $1649.00 MNB-1E Electric $649.00 Scoop Neck  $479.00
  RK Dirty Thirty's Open Back $259.00   Wide Neck Banjo $549.00 RK Scoop Neck $549.00
  RK Madison RK 025 $549.00    MNB 5 $699.00  
  RK Scoop Neck $549.00   Cascade $945.00  
      MB-NK100 $959.00  
      MGB 1 Clear $999.00  
      Appalachia $1499.00  

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Banjo FAQ

Questions, Comments, Facts And Everything Else About The 5 string Banjo

What is the difference between a 5 string closed back banjo and a open back banjo?
The closed back banjo which has a resonator attached to the back of the banjo, Is usually used for bluegrass music the 3 finger Earl Scruggs style of
playing the banjo. The resonator reflects the sound from the back of the banjo back out the front, usually channeled around the edges of the rim of the
resonator through the the flange. On the open back banjo models the sound is sent straight out of the back of the banjo. And has a little deeper tone.
The open back banjo is usually used to play the frailling style or the claw hammer style of banjo picking..

What is the difference between maple banjos and mahogany banjos?
Maple is is a harder or denser wood and reflects the sound making the instrument slightly louder.
The mahogany ones seem to absorb some of the vibration and will usually have a little mellower tone.
Both woods are very popular in the construction of banjos. And it is mainly a personal preference to the type of sound
you are looking for.

Brass tone rings? What do they do and what is the difference between them.
There is basically 2 different types of tone rings that are installed on banjos. First there is what can be called a brass hoop ring or a
a rolled brass tone ring. This is a small brass ring about a half of a inch in height, and is installed directly under the banjo head.
As you vibrate the banjo strings the head vibrates and the brass ring placed directly under the head also vibrates.
This small brass tone works fine but still doesn't compare to the larger brass tone ring, which is quite heavy but has more vibration.
Works like a tuning fork. The larger tone rings come in a variety of  models. There are some custom made tone rings that can cost up to $300.00
or more. But for the beginner banjo player or even the intermediate player the small ring will work fine. The extra weight of having a 17 pound banjo
around your neck or laying in your lap while you are trying to learn banjo rolls and chords may make it a little more difficult, For the beginner banjo picker.

What is a planetary tuner?
A planetary tuner is the tuning knob located at the top of the head stock. The planetary tuner come out of the back of the head stock.
These are geared tuners, and are preferred over other types of tuners. You can adjust the tension of the planetary tuners by holding the knob
and tighten the screw located on the end of the the knob. This will allow little or no movement in the tuning gears, and will help keep your banjo in tune.

What is a banjitar guitar banjo. The banjitar is a hybrid instrument half banjo half guitar. The head stock and the neck is just like a guitar.
While the base of the guitar banjo  is just like a regular 5 string banjo. It has 6 strings instead of 5, and is tuned like a guitar.
The correct tuning for the banjitar  is a s follows 1st E  2nd B 3rd G 4th D 5th A 6th E.  The banjitar has become very popular
recently, various groups are recording using the guitar banjo.

What do you think about Morgan Monroe banjos ? They are a excellent banjo when properly setup just like other brands. The key
to get the most out of your new banjo is proper setup. The Morgan Monroe banjo line is a very good brand of banjos. From the cascade to the
Everest the foggy mountain series are of excellent quality and value. The rocky top series which include the Morgan Monroe MNB 1 banjo
and the MGB 1 Morgan banjo have many features only found on higher priced banjos. You can't go wrong with a Morgan Monroe Banjo.

The Mastercraft Banjo is our Premiere line of banjos. We are the exclusive deal for the Mastercraft brand of banjos.
They are a excellent choice. We offer 15 models from beginner banjos to the intermediate banjo and the top of the line elite series banjo. ..


Banjo Hut Reviews


Banjo Hut folks,
I just wanted to tell you thanks for the quick shipment of the Mastercraft Deluxe banjo package I ordered.  It was extremely well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.  The set up was outstanding and I only had to slightly tune up one string (no big deal at all)  The neck is fast and the tone is very good.  This is an incredible deal for the dollar.  You get so many extras (picks, strap, tuner, gig bag, Martin strings WOW)   Everything you need to get started is there and the Janet Davis book/DVD makes playing easy and fun.  Again, thanks for everything, I will definitely check you out when I am ready to upgrade to a higher end banjo.

Mastercraft Model:     Mastercraft Classic Series
Date Of Purchase:        06/12/2006
What Do You Think About Your Banjo: I'm extremely pleased!!!!!
Are You Happy With Your Purchase:   Yes
Comments :     The Mastercraft Classic Mahogany is a great instrument.  I received it as a gift and couldn't be happier.  Set up was perfect.  The tone is excellent!  Thanks so much!


I just received my banjo today and I wanted to thank you.
 It is a beautiful instrument and im looking forward to learning to play it.
I have a desire to play it for God in church, and I appreciate you tuning it and having It ready to play.
I was impressed with the service I got and will keep you in mind for any future purchases.
Thanks again and God bless,  Dave

Thank you Paul for the great deal. The banjo Is A-1. I was pleasantly
surprised that the banjo arrived with a gig bag, tuner, strap and finger
picks (didn't expect all the accessories), also the banjo was set-up
exceptionally well. Have an nice Memorial day, and thanks again.

Regards,          Fred

Hey you guys were fast and I'm very please with the
banjo and expect to enjoy many hours with it. I have
been practicing every day and getting better all the
time. Thanks so much.




Hiya. I normally wouldn't do this, but I love your banjo and I'm one comment away from 20 positives
so if you could rate me as a buyer I'd appreciate it very much. Keep up the good banjo making work, I really do enjoy it!


Just received my new banjo (Johnson JB-100) and wanted
to thank you for such a great set-up on her.  I
realize this is an entry-level beginner's model
(perfect for me and my budget), but you've done such a
great job as the action is sweet and low and the
intonnation is fantastic.  The packaging was great and
she arrived in perfect condition.

I searched all over the web looking for values.  There
are others in this price range, but your set-up and
excellent service made this such a phenomenal value,
I'm elated! (the book and DVD look perfect as well-God
knows, I'll put them to good use)

Thank you so much for your help!

best wishes,



Paul -

It was great talking to you a few weeks ago about your
banjos.  I really like the Mastercraft bluegrass in
sunburst maple that I purchased from you.  It really
sounds great.  Thanks for the quick shipment too.
Next time I'm down in Western Carolina I'll make it a
point to stop by your shop and introduce myself.



I purchased a Morgan Monroe Everest from you two months ago.  I didn't receive any warranty registration paperwork with the Banjo, so I assume that you had already turned it in for me.  I love the Banjo. The set up was perfect. I was wondering if you know if the warranty covers the Gold plating?  The arm rest has already worn through.  I am an amateur that only plays around 30 minuets to an hour a day.  This just seems a little pre-mature to wear through so quick.

If you think it would be covered under warranty, would you know who I should contact about it?




Dear Paul and Kathy,

                        Just to let you know the banjo got here safe and sound yesterday.  Had to laugh when the kids and I opened the case we just kind of stood there silent for a few seconds then all said "Holy Cow" !!!!!  The picture we saw on the net did not do any justice to this banjo.  It's a good thing I am retired now as I was up till almost 2:00am playing it.  Its official I want nothing else for my birthday fathers day and all the rest!  I am beyond happy with my choice.  I will catch it when I get to the "picken porch". You get razed just for a new pair of shoes....wait till the Admiral shows up!
                        One does one take care of this fine piece of workmanship?  Do you sell or recommend any certain kind of polish for the wood and metal and other parts.  Thank you so very much for all the nice free stuff you put in there. Not to mention the time you took to write the Thank You card.  No one has ever done that for me before and believe it or not I will save the card to remind me that there are still some very wonderful people out there!
                          I will be sure to tell everyone I know how great and helpful you all are not to mention HONEST and inexpensive.  Not any where close around here to buy anything that has to do with Bluegrass.  The closest place believe it or not to get a banjo is 75 miles.  He knows it and treats you accordingly.  Wait till the gang hears about and sees what you all did for me when I got the banjo from you.  The other guy won't even throw in a single pick let alone free shipping  strings, strap, picks and on and on. Lest we forget how fast you got it here.   You are truly a wonderful find.  I can't thank you enough,when I look at my banjo and how great you two are it just doesn't seem like enough. 
                        Till next time GOD BLESS you both.  You are truly fine people.  I hope someday to get down to your neck of the woods will stop by and say hello.  I would love to meet you both. Take care
                                                                                    Your new friend! Charles


am completely surprised and thrilled to have received the MasterCraft
Classic for my birthday. I am wondering however, how I should attach the
strap to the banjo without damaging it. Is there some site I can visit or
someplace I can find instructions on strapping the banjo?



Paul, I received my Mastercraft Player Deluxe Banjo package from you several weeks ago.  I have been meaning to write to let you know that I am very pleased with the appearance, quality, and sound of the banjo and its accessories.  The "You Can Teach Yourself Banjo" book and DVD are also the best I have seen for getting started.  I agree with your assessment that it is the perfect package for the beginning player.  Alan


Hi I recently purchased a Banjo...a Johnson JB300 from you and it arrived

yesterday....Thank you its great....Banjo's are not so popular up here in

Massachusetts and the music stores have mainly guitar straps and accessories

....Considering this  Johnson JB300 Banjo is a heavy Banjo I would like to

puchase a nice strap for it that would be good for this you sell them &

could you make a recommendation to me....also could use some information

on how I should attach the Strap....I'm just a beginner as you can see.... also

I would like to buy some extra strings....was wondering how many strings come

in a package and I'm thinking of Earl Scruggs Medium Gauge strings??. Any info

on this would be greatly appreciated.




            I am 51 years old and always wanted to learn to play the banjo. 
 I got a wild hair started looking and ordered a package from you all.
  I got the Master Craft player deluxe.. It came today..............WOW I LOVE IT! 
 What a suprise it is really a pretty banjo and feels very nice in my hands as does the action. 
 I already play a guitar and this banjo feels great.
  I am very happy with my purchase and your speed of service.  Ordered it Monday and it got here Thursday.
  You were a great find excellent prices and service.  Now all I got to do is learn how to play it! HAHA! 
 Thank You all from the bottom of my banjo pickin heart! 
 I haven't been this excited in a long time.  Not to worry I'll send any business I can your way.

            I was looking at your web page do you sell strings, picks, parts and what ever else one might need?
 Do you have a catalog you can send me?  Thanks Again! 




Good morning.
About 8 months ago I purchased a JB-100 from you and I am pleased with the Banjo and you company.
I am thinking about upgrading and want to ask your opinion.
You have 3 Banjo's that I am looking at that are in my price range.
1. Elite Series Mastercraft ($629.00)
2. Morgan Monroe MNB-2 ($629.00)
3. Johnson JB-300 ($629.00)
I understand you sell them all and they are all probably great Banjo's, but with limited funds,
 I would appreciate your opinion on which would be the best bang for the buck.



Just letting you know we bought a Bean Blossom for our 15-year-old for
Christmas and he absolutely loves it.

You are to be commended for excellent customer service, rapid shipping
and for selling a very nice product at a reasonable price.

Happy holidays.

New Jersey

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