Banjo Handbook
by Janet Davis 

This is a handy reference manual for five-string banjo players who are interested in the three-finger style of playing. Designed to give a quick explanation of the proper or most common method for playing the banjo in various situations. Sections include Banjo Set Up, Playing Basics, Chords, 3-Finger Picking, Up the Neck, The Melodic Style, Back-Up, Song Endings, and Playing in Any Key. In tablature. The companion CD is a stereo, play-along recording

Bile Em Cabbage Down  
Blackberry Blossom  
Bully Of The Town  
Cripple Creek  
Cumberland Gap  
Do Lord, Oh Do Lord  
Fire On The Mountain  
Fisher's Hornpipe  
Goodnight Ladies  
John Henry  
Just Because  
Little Maggie  
Mama Don't Allow  
May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister?  
Old Macdonald Had A Farm  
Red Haired Boy  
She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain  
Soldier's Joy  
The Dusty Miller  
The Gray Goose  
Wildwood Flower  
Wreck Of The Old '97  

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