Banjo Chord Encyclopedia
for 5-String or Plectrum Banjo - G and C Tunings

This book presents an extremely comprehensive collection of 5-string and plectrum banjo chord forms for G and C tunings. Beginning with C and proceeding chromatically through B, every possible inversion of every chord, from basic triads to thirteenth chords are shown in easy to read diagrams. To aid in comprehension of chord construction, every chord is shown in root position in standard notation. A general review of hand positions, general technique, bridge adjustments, strings, and use of the capo is provided in the last few pages. Illustrated with pencil drawings, diagrams and photographs.
For each root note, the following chords are illustrated in several positions for both C tuning (GCGBD) and Bluegrass G tuning (DGBDG):


Minor Sixth
7 Aug. Fifth
7 Flat Fifth
Major Seventh
Ma7 Flat 3rd
Minor Seventh
m7 Flat Fifth
7 Suspended 4th
Major Ninth
9 Augmented 5th
9 Flat 5th
Seventh flat 9th
Augmented 9th
Aug. Eleventh






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