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   Banjo Stand
A Frame Style

sold out
Only $12.99
sold out

Banjo wall hangerDeluxe
Banjo Wall Hanger


Clip On Tuner
 Is A Great Chromatic Tuner
 With The Clip On  Feature.
Makes Tuning Your New Banjo

 A Breeze
Very Hot Item
Chromatic Clip On Tuner
Special Pricing $19.00

TT-500 tunerTune Tech
Clip On Tuner
A Very Popular Tuner
The Tune Tech TT-501
List $29.95
On Sale $23.95

 Mastercraft Premium
Bluegrass Banjo Strings
Great Bluegrass Sound
With These Premium Strings
.009-020 Gauge
(For 5-String Banjos Only)


3 Pack Special $16.99
 Martin Vega
Banjo Strings

3 Pack Special $16.99
banjitar strings mastercraft Mastercraft Banjitar Strings
Professional Series
 Extra Light
Give your Banjitar The Best Possible
Banjo Sound With Our Premium
Banjitar Strings
(For 6-String Banjitars Only)
3 Pack Special $16.99
 guardian cg-020-j banjo hardcase 

Guardian CG-020-J Banjo Hardcase

List $113.99

On Sale $79

    Shubb 5th String Capo
 Regular Length Nickel
6th To 10th Fret.

Capo With Installation $39.00

                                    Shubb 5th String Capo
 Regular Length Bar Brass
6th To 10th Fret

Capo With Installation $39.00

 Spikes For The 5th String
We  Install Railroad Spikes
 So You Can Capo Your 5th String
5TH STRING SPIKES FOR BANJONormal Installation Is The 7,9,And 10th Fret
$7.00 Each

Shubb Banjo Capo
(1st-4th Strings)



Morgan Monroe
Leather LockTite Strap

A 3in Wide Banjo LockTite Strap
Fully Adjustable.
Only $31.95


Pete Schmidt Leather Cradle strapPete Schmidt
Vintage Leather Banjo Cradle Strap
2" Wide With Sheep's Wool Shoulder Pad.
Handcrafted By Real Leather Atrisans. With Three Layers Of Leather Double Stiched, These Straps Just Keep Getting More And More Comfortable Year after Year! Avaliable In Black And Brown.

Black Brown
Dunlop Finger Pick Set
2 Picks Per Set $3.95


 Mastercraft Finger Picks
Longer Tip
Tighter Fitting System
Try A Few Of These
2 Picks Per Set $3.95

Thumb Picks
Assorted Colors
Set Of 3

Banjo Gig Bag
Light Padding
With Shoulder Strap
And Carrying Handles

Banjo Gig Bag
12mm High Density Padding
Large Accessory Pocket
Two Detachable Shoulder Straps


Upgrade To This
 Clip On Tuner.
A Great Chromatic Tuner
With The Clip On Feature

Makes Tuning Your
New Banjo A Breeze.
 List $25.00
Your Upgraded price $9.99

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the cannon banjo bridge
The Cannon Bridge And
Mastercraft Bluegrass Strings.
Increases The Volume
 And Tone Of Any Banjo
Installed On Your Banjo For Free. Canonize Your Banjo!!!    A $28.00 Value
(Not available on Zither Banjo.)
Only $17.95

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Banjo Stand
Great Stand
 To Let Your Banjo Rest
While You Take A Break

Very Convenient And Inexpensive
Only $12.99

sold out

Mastercraft Premium
Bluegrass Banjo Strings

Great Bluegrass Sound
With These Premium Strings
.009-020 Gauge
(For 5-String Banjos Only
Only $6.99 Per Set

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3 Pack Special Only $16.99
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Morgan Monroe
Lock Tite
 Leather Banjo
Fully Adjustable.
A Great Choice
 For Your
Only $33.95

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The best-selling banjo method in the world

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Book With CD

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Highway 33 CD Sawyer Blankenship
Highway 33 is a local bluegrass band from Knoxville, TN, which features The Banjo Hut's own Sawyer Blankenship on mandolin and vocals. You will see Sawyer throughout this site in the videos demonstrating the different banjos we offer. Buy Highway 33's CD "Hammer Down" today for only $10
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Mastercraft Banjos
Player Series
Starter Banjos
Bluegrass Series
 Brass Tone Ring
Classic Series
Brass Tone Ring
  American Classic
Player Deluxe  $249.00 Mahogany $299.00 Mahogany $449.00   Tenor Banjos Classic Pro Open Back $619.00
Left Hand Deluxe $279.00 Maple Natural $299.00   Deluxe Tenor $259.00 Classic Pro Resonator Banjo $749.00
Deluxe Tenor $259.00  Special Mahogany $329.00 Burled Walnut $529.00   Electric Banjos
  Special Maple $329.00  Burled Maple $529.00   Classic Electric $549.00
Childs Banjo       Deluxe Electric $349.00
Zither $89.00       Walnut Electric $629.00
Deering Goodtime Banjos
Goodtime Goodtime Specials Goodtime Classic Classic Special Tenors
GT Banjo $399.00  Special OB $659.00 GT Classic $539.00 Classic Special $929.00 Tenor Banjo $419.00
GT 2 Banjo $549.00 Special 2 $779.00 GT 2 Classic $749.00 Classic Special OB $759.00 Irish Tenor $419.00
Goodtime Left Hand $419.00   Scoop Neck $539.00    
Savannah Recording King Deering Morgan Monroe  
SB 70 $229.00 RK Dirty Thirty $399.00 Boston 5 String $1595.00 MB-15OP $229.00  
SB 80 $239.00 Mahogany RK-20 $499.00
Electric RK 20 $599.00
Boston B6 Banjitar $1795.00 MB-70 Black $259.00  
SB 100 $259.00 RK Madison RK 25 $699.00 Eagle 2 $2119.00 MB-15 $269.00 Open Back  
SB 100 LEFT $259.00 RK 6 String $649.00 Sierra Mahogany $2199.00 Hobo $299.00 SB 70 $229.00
SB 110 $329.00 Maple RK 35 $899.00 Sierra Maple $2199.00 BB 100 $319.00 MB-15OP $229.00
Tenor Banjos Mahogany RK 36 $999.00   MB-20-OP $329.00
OB 50 $479.00
MB-70 Black $259.00
Deluxe Tenor $259.00 Mahogany RK-80 $1399.00   Black Banjo $329.00 Hobo $299.00
  Left Hand RK 80 $1399.00 Vega  MB 150 $459.00 MB-20-OP $329.00
   RK 75 ELITE $1499.00 Little Wonder $1279.00 MNB 1 $549.00 Scoop Neck $509.00
  RK Open Back Banjos  Little Wonder Resonator $1649.00 MNB 1 Left $619.00 Scoop Neck Banjo $479.00
  RK Dirty Thirty's Open Back $259.00 Vega Senator $1649.00 MNB-1E Electric $649.00 RK Madison RK 025 $549.00
  RK Madison RK 025 $549.00   Wide Neck Banjo $549.00 RK Scoop Neck $549.00
  RK Scoop Neck $549.00    MNB 5 $699.00  
      Cascade $945.00  
      MB-NK100 $959.00  
      MGB 1 Cler $999.00  
      Appalachia $1499.00  


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